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Stovetop Gourmet Nonstick Food Smoker & Steamer

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The Zen Urban 870001 nonstick stove-top Gourmet food smoker & Steamer will allow you to smoke many foods right on your own stove or grill. Smoke cooking is a healthy way to infuse flavor without the use of fats, salts or oils & without added Calorie. This smoker allows you to hot Smoke food, a process that retains moisture & natural cooking flavors so food does not dry out or get tough. Zen Urban smoker also doubles as a steamer, providing two great cookers in one. Works well with all meat, seafood & poultry dishes & it transforms ordinary vegetables into delicious main courses. Large items like turkey or hams can be smoked as well. By simply covering with an aluminum foil instead of the smoker lid. Made of commercial-grade carbon steel for even heat retention & coated with a dishwasher safe nonstick surface for easy cleaning. Non-metal utensils should be used to prevent damage to the finish.

  • Works well with all meat, seafood & poultry dishes
  • Coated with a dishwasher safe nonstick surface for easy cleaning
  • Even heat retention
  • Made of commercial-grade carbon steel
  • Product Measurements: 11 x 3.50 x 15 (inch)
    Product Weight: 5.50 (pound)

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Weight5.5 lbs
Dimensions11.2 × 4 × 15.2 in



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