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Long Deluxe Thinning Pomelo Shear

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Originally designed for harvesting Pomelo fruit, these extra long ultra heavy duty horticultural thinning shears are ideal for propagation, harvesting and thinning of fruits, flowers, and foliage.
The incredibly sharp edges provide for a smooth clean cut with minimal effort. Overall length of the shears are approximately 8.5 inches. Blades feature 2-inch razor sharp straight cutting edges. Comfortable, non-slip handle grips provide excellent control and leverage.
Shears are fastened by a bolt and nut allowing fine adjustment and easy sharpening. Wishbone spring loaded action automatically opens blades after each cut. Shears can be locked closed with strap when not in use. Carbon steel construction.

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Weight0.35 lbs
Dimensions1.1 × 3.6 × 11 in



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